Participant info

Basic info

Wappu spin 2024 is a road cycling event, where we ride from Tampere University to Otaniemi/Aalto University in one day, approx. 213 km. The event takes place on the 20th of April and if you want to stay overnight in Tampere, we provide free accommodation for a limited number of people. There will be multiple speed groups and the organizer provides service along the way for the participants. The event culminates with a sauna and a pizza dinner at Otaniemi together with the riders of Maastomankeli/MTB Spin 2024. The idea of the event is to get people out and get the cycling season started together, so register and join the adventure! There are 50 places for the riders.


  • On Friday 19th of April: Arrival to Hervanta at Tampere and pasta dinner. Dinner served in 17.00-21.00
  • On Saturday 20th of April: Wake up at 04.30 and breakfast
  • 06.00 Start from Hervanta
  • 17.00-19.00 Arriving to Otaniemi


Friday 19th of April

Arriving at Hervanta should be done by train or some other self-organized transportation method. Getting to Tampere from Helsinki region is easiest by train: In the commuter train R you’re allowed to transport a bike without any additional cost. For InterCity trains you’ll have to reserve a bike place separately and there’s a limited number of those available. In  Pendolino trains you cannot transport a bike. You can also get your bike to Tampere in a van provided by the organizer. We have space for 15 bikes and the van transportation is booked on registration for the event, as long as there is space available. You can get from Tampere railway station to the accommodation provided by the organizer using a tram or your bike (approx. 9 km trip).

Saturday 20th of April

Getting back from Otaniemi has the same instructions as Friday, i.e. people should go by train and bikes go to train + some of them can go to van. The last direct commuter train R leaves Helsinki at 22:40. The bike transportation in the van is again booked upon registration.

Packing list

Below are listed the mandatory and useful equipment that one needs. Even though there are two service vans for the participants along the journey, it makes the journey smoother, if you’re prepared to repair tires and do other small maintenance on the road by yourself. Note that the accommodation in Hervanta is such that people share a big room and thus, if you’re sensitive for noises while sleeping, earplugs might be a good option. There are 26 sleeping places in Hervanta.

Mandatory equipment:
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Riding gear according to the weather conditions
  • 2 water bottles
  • Snacks that you need while riding (bars, gels, candy, …)
  • Mobile phone
  • Powerbank
  • Spare inner tube
  • Small toolset and tire repair kit (to under saddle bag etc.)
  • Personal medication, if applicable
  • Money for lunch
  • Personal hygiene gear for the sauna after the ride (swimming suit in sauna is compulsory)
  • Sleeping gear for the ones who stay overnight in Hervanta
The optional, but useful equipment:
  • Frame or under saddle bag (you can leave your backpack in the service van)
  • Cycling computer
  • Jacket for the breaks
  • Alternative clothing (cooler/warmer) that you can leave to the service van
  • First aid kit (see Instructions)
  • Toilet paper or equivalent
  • Riding glasses



200 kilometers is a long distance and your bike has to hold through it. Thus, it’s advisable to check and service your bike beforehand. Furthermore, do this on time, not on the evening before. This way you’ll ensure a safe and more comfortable ride for yourself and your riding companions.

The journey will also be more enjoyable, if you get yourself a pair of cushioned cycling pants. These are in practice necessary to have. Remember to test your pants before the event to ensure that they fit and avoid abrasions! You can find these dedicated cycling pants, especially shorts, from nearly any sports store.

When considering this long exercise, you must eat carbohydrates during it! You’’l consume approximately 60-90 grams of carbohydrate per hour and without any additional nutrition you will survive approximately one hour, so prepare with some additional nutrition/food.

The videos below explain more about nutrition and hydration while riding:

This video below goes group basic group riding skills:

First Aid: every cyclist should know at least how to treat broken bones and cuts. Also, knowing other first aid skills/treatment procedures is useful. In case of an emergency always call number 112! Read more about first aid instructions from the Finnish Red Cross website